That Time I Had a Blog…

The truth about where I’ve been.

I joined the PTA.

Not the kind of joining where you just go to the meetings and volunteer at things. Rather, it is the kind where I am literally all up in the school’s business. Fundraiser pick-ups, pencil shops during lunch, attending assemblies, speaking in front of people at meetings… I am ALL FREAKING IN.

It sounds weird when I say it out loud. Who have I become? And why do I actually LIKE it? Real talk: I’ve actually asked that people refer to me as Madame Secretary. I am a professional. I’m also quite proud of this position. I mean, roughly 8 people voted for me. That’s a pretty big deal.

Anyway, as a result of my professional position on the PTA board, blogging has taken a back seat. Like, the back seat of a 15 passenger van. So far back, I forgot I even had a blog.

Truth is, I don’t mind at all. It has been relaxing letting myself off of the blogging hook. I don’t feel pressure to perform or produce for people. Instead, I get to produce for me. And I have. I finished the first draft of my first ever novel. Then instead of editing, I decided to start another novel. Because why do something to completion?

Fiction is my one true love. After Jesus, but before Jurassic Park. Then comes my husband and my children. Then after my family and my dog and my Doc Martens and Jack In The Box tacos and my friends and close to three dozen other things, comes this blog.

I think I have been going about it wrong. I do too much in terms of aspirations. What if I treated this blog like a diary? A kind of place where I can come and tell you about my experiences of the week? Instead of reaching for content and trying to make everything Pinterest worthy, I just write.

I’m gonna try that. I mean, who really cares about my opinions? Let’s just laugh at how ridiculous my life can be.

Dear 2017,

We are going to laugh at our complaints.


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