Summer break is almost over! Almost. Meaning, I still have to endure another week. The transition will probably be crazy (specifically for the redhead) and we will all have meltdowns at one point or another, but routine will be good for us all. Pray that I don’t turn into one of those moms that gets her nails done and takes naps while her kids are at school. I want to do stuff. Not just spray air freshener around the house ten minutes before my husband gets home. Not that I have ever done that…

Anyway, here are this week’s musings as I have tried to cope with this psychotic life I lead:


Majority of the food I eat is cold. Warming something up? I don’t have another 30 seconds when I am hungry. Someone could get hurt.

The other night there was a banana spider the size of my fist on the side of our house. I almost added arsonist to my resume.

My mom called Six Flags the “Outdoor Equivalent to Walmart.” I couldn’t argue with her.

My daughter requested a hot dog, Goldfish, and string cheese as an mid-afternoon snack. I had never been more proud.

Legitimately asked my husband if I could eat corn-on-the-cob while driving.

Does anyone know how many swipes are the instructed amount when it comes to applying deodorant?

Heading to Aldi. Aldi Anxiety is real in my life. There is absolutely no organization in that store. Every person in there is disoriented and confused. Walking around aimlessly, wondering why there are swim floaties next to the watermelon. Will these fake Cheez-Its taste like the real Cheez-its? No. Can all this crap fit in the one bag I brought with me? No. Not to mention the fact that I have not been officially trained in the art of bagging. Hot dog buns come out flattened and inedible. I cannot deal with that store.

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  1. Stefanie

    Even the brand name items from Aldi taste different. Maybe it is just the air pumped into their facility.

    It’s like when you watch a low-budget movie that is really good, but you can’t fully enjoy it because you know it was made in someone’s backyard. Actually, I’m not sure it is like that at all.

    I’m just saying it isn’t the same. Even if it tastes good.

  2. mrgm97@yahoo.com'
    Matt G.

    In the end, Fruit Hoops simply aren’t Fruit Loops. Chocolate Gems aren’t M&Ms. No matter what I tell myself about the identical chemical makeup of the final product.

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