Facebook Friday. The day that I spill the random and ridiculous thoughts I have had during the week.



I am completely obsessed with Tom Cruise and his Scientology journey. I need to know everything. Also, I do not believe he is human and I need to look into that.

How many cups of coffee can you consume before going into cardiac arrest? Must add to my “Need to Google” list.

My kids figured out how to use the Febreeze. Nothing good will come of this.

I am so glad that crop tops and mini skirts are making their way back. As I approach my mid 30s, I could not think of anything that would make me happier than seeing pretty youthful figures in short things.

Can you buy stock in grapes? Specifically, red grapes.

Twenty minutes after getting out of the bathtub, my daughter gave herself a smoky eye and bright red lip.

I think I could be vegan. Probably. Maybe I could be vegan for a month. Possibly for an entire week. I could definitely go vegan for breakfast. Maybe I could just go dairy free. Minus cheese. I can eat cheese, but no other dairy. Is there a trend that allows you to eat all vegetables, meats, and cheeses? That is the diet I want to stick to. I will call it The Food Pyramid Diet.

Last night, I found a cashew in my bed. It was not on my bed, but rather, IN my bed. There is a possibility that I went to sleep with cashews in my pockets. I will not deny that.


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